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The Hobbit: Gollum Enraged - Weta Collectibles

Weta continues the legacy of producing finely crafted, highly detailed 1/6 scale collectible polystone statues from Middle-earth. The essence of each character expertly captured in every piece.
This piece has been designed as a companion to our Bilbo Baggins statue (available separately)
Gollum™ Enraged was sculpted by Ben Mauro and Greg Tozer.

It takes approximately 400-500 hours to design, sculpt, model-make, mould and paint the prototype for each new character.

Sculpted and created by the same artists and craftspeople who work on our movies, Bilbo Baggins is one of the first three in our range of 1/6 scale characters from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

This is an open edition piece.
Availability:Pre-order now! Shipping from all warehouses May/June 2013!
Dimensions:9.1" x 14.2" x 5.9" (H x W x D)
23 cm x 36 cm x 15 cm
Weight:2.2 lbs (980 g)

Price: 249$ 

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