quarta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2009

Comunicado Sideshow...

We would like to keep you updated on our services we

provide you and therefore would like to confirm that we are indeed
making some changes based on the feedback that we have received from
our EU collectors. In order to be able to deliver your items in a
quicker fashion and with the least amount of damages, we will be
transitioning shipment of EU orders from the EU facility to ship out of
our US based warehouse.

You don’t have to worry about shocking shipping rates from our US
facility to you because we have aggressively negotiated competitive EU
shipping rates with Fed Ex and are excited to be able to provide these
to you.

In addition, EU collectors will not have to wait weeks as their product
processes, transfers to the EU warehouse, then ships out to you via a
slow local carrier. By shipping directly with Fed Ex, we can now get
items to our EU collectors within days and on pace with all other US
and International collector shipments. We also anticipate less damages
through the use of the Fed Ex service and if damage does occur, we will
be able to exchange the product in half the time!

We look forward to these changes based on our EU collectors’ extensive
feedback and we are sure that you will soon see the differences for

vão fechar o armazém da Inglaterra, pelo que todas as encomendas serão enviadas directamente dos States...
Alem de pagar mais portes, ainda vamos estar sujeitos ao IVA de 20% (na Inglaterra era de 15%) e mais taxas de alfandega, e de processo e etc...
só tenho uma coisa a dizer : cartão vermelho para a Sideshow


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