sexta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2007


Finalmente foi revelado qual é a famosa prenda que a GENTLE GIANT reservou para todos os membros da PREMIER GUILD. relembro que para ser PREMIER GUILD MEMBER, temos que pagar $50 anuais, e que temos como benefícios o direito de participar as raffles , e o direito de comprar produtos exclusivos PGM.

Hello Premier Guild Members,
We have started shipping out the first wave shipments of PGM gifts and will continue shipping out waves through the next couple of weeks.
For our inaugural gift, as a Thank You for being part of our first year, we have included the following items:
Become a member of the Gentle Giant Bust-Ups collector army with this Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Clone Trooper Sergeant Bust-Up. The Premier Guild Membership gift is the only place these will be deployed.
Join the Gentle Giant Band with the Simpsons Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp Bust-Ups Assortment. Never before sold to the public, this set not only includes the 3 original members, Homer, Barney and Otto, but introduces Apu and Wiggum to the jam session.
While we here at Gentle Giant know things with our new site and our Premier Guild have gone through some growing pains, we're sure you've had your "kill" switch turned on at some point. Now with this Simpsons Killer Krusty Bust-Up, he can do the dirty work so you won't have to.
For all those long hours you sit in front of your computer refreshing your screen, do it next time with your mouse resting on its official Gentle Giant Premier Guild Mouse Pad.
When you're out at the next convention, take pride in showing you're a Gentle Giant Premier Guild member with the Gentle Giant Messenger Bag and Gentle Giant Premier Guild Dog Tag.
We hope you enjoy all these items that are part of the inaugural Gentle Giant Premier Guild Membership gift. We are already planning some great products for our continuing members of the Premier Guild.
The Gentle Giant Ltd. Team
P.S. - For inquiring minds, the 2008 Premier Guild Membership Gift will be a Star Wars Clone Trooper Lieutenant Classics Bust. Stay tuned for more details.

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